The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy publishes a new study entitled: The global low-carbon economy – recommendations to confront the repercussions of the climate crisis

Date: 21 - 06 - 2024

Abu Dhabi

The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, a member of the Executive Office of the Arab Federations Forum at the League of Arab States, issued a new study entitled: “The Global Low-Carbon Economy – Recommendations to Confront the Repercussions of the Climate Crisis” in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Administrative Development at the League of Arab States, and the Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies at the Faculty of Economics. And political science at Cairo University.

The study, which came in two parts, aims to direct the attention of policy makers in the Arab region to understand the repercussions of the climate change crisis, the necessities of the global response to the transition to renewable energy sources, as well as the role that national and public policies can play in directing national efforts and harmonizing them with international conventions that have come into effect. On its way to becoming obligated to comply and move to net zero emissions.

In this context, the study attempts to shed light on some of the most prominent international practices and solutions contributing to climate action, in addition to the opportunities and challenges that may face national efforts, and presents a set of recommendations supporting building response capabilities, capacity building, and the transition to low-carbon economies.

The study also constitutes an important reference to support decision-makers and researchers in confronting climate challenges and developing sustainable solutions to achieve a low-carbon global economy. It provides a wide range of recommendations and cognitive tools that can contribute to formulating climate policies and creating an enabling national environment to actively contribute to the global transition to low-carbon economies. .

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