The sessions of the Arab Digital Economy Forum focus on the topics of sustainability, digital transformation, education and e-commerce

Date: 13 - 02 - 2022

A large number of government officials and experts in the Arab region, as well as representatives of international organizations from the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Harvard University, participated in the forum’s sessions.

The main themes of the working papers at the forum touched on the Arab Digital Agenda project supervised by the Arab League, highlighting some of the most important digital transformation projects in the Arab region, and global trends for sustainable development and digital transformation in the e-learning and e-commerce sector.

The sessions also focused on the importance and advantages of digital transformation, and its positive effects on societies, in terms of the contribution of transformation projects to improving operating efficiency and productivity and reducing the cost of transactions, as well as providing new opportunities for commercial projects, and its significant impact on employment and job creation, and its contribution to accelerating comprehensive development processes. And doubling the return on investment, in addition to implementing quality standards and government governance.

The sessions dealt with the importance and comprehensiveness of legal and legislative frameworks to ensure the success and sustainability of digital transformation projects.