Establishment of the Arab Center for Learning and Future Studies

Date: 08 - 03 - 2020

In one of its most important and recent initiatives, the Arab Federation for Digital Economy announced the launch of its new initiative to establish an Arab Center for Learning and Future Studies.

Abu Dhabi.. The Arab Federation for Digital Economy, one of the Arab organizations affiliated with the Council of Arab Economic Unity in the League of Arab States, announced its latest initiative to establish a center for scientific research and development of practices under the name “The Arab Center for Learning and Future Studies.”

On his part, His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, President of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, said that “knowledge has become the first economic enabler and one of the most important pillars of value-added development in the new global economy, and that the lack of knowledge has become the biggest challenge for all development projects in the Arab region, especially digital economy projects. And that knowledge comes in parallel with the importance of security and stability in order for the economy to thrive.”

He explained, as an example: “There are cases of some Arab countries that decided to grant the largest industrial companies in the world lands, facilities from roads, energy, and tax exemptions in order for these companies to invest knowledge in some modern advanced industries, but these companies, despite these temptations, have apologized, citing only the lack of specialized skilled labor. that industry in those countries.”

Completed by Dr. Al-Khouri said: “We are in a historical stage during which the whole world is changing rapidly, due to the effects of digital transformation that invade and affect every detail of our lives. Today, we anticipate major changes in the world’s economic systems due to these current and expected future developments and changes, which means that we are on the cusp of a new economic era with features, frameworks and rules that will differ greatly from what we were accustomed to in the last century, and the time for change has come.”

And Al-Khouri added, “The Arab world lacks strategic institutions with a regional and global dimension, as we see the current study centers are often localized to provide visions, ideas and studies useful for the countries through which they operate. Regionally based on Arab geography, culture and history as a basis for development and progress.

The Arab Center for Learning and Future Studies aims to achieve two main goals:

First: Foreseeing the future of the economy in the world and in the Arab region. This is in his belief that the global economy, thanks to modern technology, has moved to a new phase that falls apart and harmonizes with all regional and local economies. Just as the world is a small village due to the communications revolution, the economy is also heading in the same direction and will be able in the future, through new mechanisms, to bypass the local framework of any country or group of countries.

Second: Urging institutions in the public and private sectors to transform into knowledge-producing institutions. Where this ability is considered the most important pillar at all for any future development, and this source enjoys being a renewable economic resource and its value is increasing as it adds knowledge, science and value. We find that a person may spend about 16 years in education in order to study and graduate from university, but he will spend in the labor market approximately forty years and more.

The Center believes that these two roles are complementary at the grassroots level, and by achieving them, Arab governments and institutions can successfully find their way to the future and benefit from the most important wealth they possess, which is the human being, and seize the global transformation opportunities that are now available.

In a subsequent statement, the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy stated that it is about to launch its interactive electronic platform through the website of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy to allow its visitors to easily participate in the various activities and events of the center, and to communicate directly with the management of the center. The platform will also allow followers to view the latest news of the center and the most important projects and initiatives that are being implemented.