Specialized Committees

Specialized Committees

– It is the committee concerned with managing the project of preparing the Arab digital economy strategy, and it includes coordination with international bodies.

Planning and Governance Committees

– Responsible for the preparation of the strategy for the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, including the coordination efforts with the related international bodies, monitor the performance of the Federation and issuance of governance reports.

  1. The General Assembly.
  2. The Board of Directors.
  3. The Committee Secretariat.
  4. The Organizational chart and membership Committee.
  5. Key regulations (finance, procurement, control and scrutiny and Human Resources).
  6. The Organizing and coordinating the Federation’s relations with external bodies.

Economic Development Committees

– A group of committees with advisory and technical roles in the fields of economics and digital economy especially for.

  1. Money transfers.
  2. Digital currency.
  3. Smart Cities.
  4. Economic studies.
  5. Logistics and free zones.

Technology Committees

– A group of committees with advisory and technical roles in the technology development with a focus on digital economy applications in the areas of:

  1. Communications and networks.
  2. Information security.
  3. Digital Identity.
  4. Blockchain.
  5. eGovernment.
  6. Artificial intelligence.
  7. Digital Services.
  8. Digital Governance.

Legislative Committees

– Digital Economy legislation
– Cybercrimes