The 50 Initiatives of the Arab Vision

The 50 Initiatives of the Arab Vision

The Arab Digital Economy Vision includes more than 50 initiatives to support digital transformation of all critical sectors.

The Arab Federation is currently involved in monitoring the implementation of some of these initiatives. The value of these select initiatives are estimated around $200 million, funded by governments and investors in the Arab region.

Following are some of the key initiatives monitored by the Arab Federation for Digital Economy:

  • Develop and Update Arab Digital Legislations and Laws

Development of legislative guidelines and proposals to foster innovation, growth and competitiveness in Arab Economies.

  • Create Competitive Trading Blocs in the Arab Region

In partnership with the private sector, this initiative aims to enable strategic investments and enthuse global competition in the field of digital economy and financial technologies in the Arab region, that should in turn raise the productivity of the Arab digital ecosystem, and create new job opportunities for Arab youth.

  • Establishment of the “Arab Digital Fund”

An initiative to provide financial support to digital transformation projects in the Arab region which utilize technological evolutions in achieving national development goals.

The support comes in the form of simple and long-term loans with an overall goal to aid local and regional efforts targeting the development of production capacities and manufacturing capabilities in the Arab countries, that should in turn enhance the well-being of the Arab societies and citizens.

  • Launching the “Arab Digital Economy” Award

An initiative to honor intellectual and creative talents from individuals and organizations, with the aim to encourage and stimulate competition in digital economy practices.

The Award aims to engage government organizations, private businesses and the general community in strengthening Arab national economies and digital environments.

  • Supporting Knowledge Societies

Raising public awareness and digital knowledge about technological capabilities that might have significant impact on governments, entrepreneurs, and companies’ businesses.

The initiatives include hosting regular international conferences and summits, and publishing of research on the latest developments in the digital economy fields.

  • Create Digital Platforms to Support Trade and Businesses

To support inter-trade between Arab countries and enable small and medium-sized companies’ engagement in digital business.

The platforms would provide multiple services such as secure digital applications and services for business management, digital payments, cloud services, with a nominal subscription fees.

  • Creating an “Arab Digital Transformation Index”

An initiative to measure the progress of Arab digital development plans and programs, and provide recommendations for policy-makers of potential digital priorities.

  • Establishing Partnerships and Cooperation with Governments

Working closely with Arab government institutions and assisting them in the implementation of national digital transformation agendas and strategies.

Target organizations are Central Banks in the Arab countries and ministries of economies and ICT.

  • Provisioning of Advisory Services

Providing consulting services to governments and institutions in digital transformation fields through internationally recognized experts and specialists.

  • Provisioning of Training and Development Services

This initiative seeks to provide training and development services for both public and private sector institutions with customized workshops or seminars that addresses the development opportunities unique to their organizations.