The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy discusses the developments of the Arab vision for the digital economy with ESCWA in Beirut

Date: 12 - 12 - 2019

Beirut.. The Arab Union for the Digital Economy of the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States held a meeting today, Thursday, December 12, 2019 with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) in the Lebanese Republic – Beirut, in the presence of a delegation from the Arab Union for Digital Economy, in addition to The working group of the Arab vision for the digital economy.

The meeting included a discussion of the latest developments related to the outcomes of the Arab vision for the digital economy, which aims to activate and enhance joint Arab cooperation based on digital knowledge, develop technological and legislative infrastructure, and support digital transformation plans and technological development in Arab countries.

It is worth noting that the League of Arab States presented the Arab vision for the digital economy at the Abu Dhabi Conference in December 2018. The first draft of it included about 50 pilot projects in favor of digital transformation in all Arab countries, as part of the League’s efforts to keep pace with the major global transformations in the fields of the digital economy. By mobilizing Arab capabilities and international expertise, and activating joint Arab cooperation to achieve a set of positive goals that would advance Arab societies.