Under the Auspices of The Council of Arab Economic Unity Launch of «2020» Forum in Dubai with big regional and international participation

Date: 09 - 12 - 2019

The forum discusses the achievements and successes that occurred in the Arab region, and the strategies beyond 2020 and the future challenges

Dubai ̶ On the morning of Monday 9 December 2019, «2020» Forum was launched in Roda Al Murooj hotel in Dubai. The event was launched under the auspices of The Council of Arab Economic Unity, and with large participation of Arab leaders, experts from government entities, international organizations, and business sectors at regional and international levels. The forum aims at discussing the achievements and successes that occurred in the Arab region, and the strategies beyond 2020 and the future challenges.

Many delegations from numerous organizations participated in the forum, most notably the American Department of Defense «The Pentagon» and a high-level delegation from the council of Arab economic unity. The forum also had a wide participation from officials from the United Arab Emirates.

Opening Address

The forum events started with a speech by Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director – Datamatix Group, and Chairman of the organizing committee. He emphasized, during the opening session, that the forum comes out of the pioneering spirit of the wise leadership of UAE, that works for developing institutional models looking forward to the future in the different fields, and to unify the government work models in an integrated system focusing on knowledge.

Mr. Al Kamali, within his speech, appreciated the important participation of regional and Arab organizations and leaders in the forum events, to discuss development topics, developing programs and strategies, and conceptualize and find preemptive solutions for the future challenges, in order to develop the government system, and to enhance the quality of living for the members of the society. He also pointed that under the advancements of the globalization era, the modern organizations are more towards coping with contemporary strategies, and this is in an effort to enhance their competitiveness globally.

Sessions of the Forum

And in the first session of the forum, Dr. Essa Bastaki, president of University of Dubai (UD), spoke about the latest scientific methodologies, and leadership excellence practices, to be adopted to leverage the performance of the organizations after 2020, and to achieve and know the latest strategies and international best practices.

Then, Mr. Abdalnour Sami, information security consultant, tackled the strategies of digital trust reinforcement in the connected world, augmented reality, and the latest innovations. He also discussed developing the technology strengthened solutions of the future, and how to turn them into reality through the processes of digital transformation, and through digital government and developing organizational systems.

Also, Mr. Nesar Khan, the strategic expert, and Managing Director, FP Global Developments, spoke about the future strategies for the development of organizational innovation, and the future and the role of blockchain in value addition and to increase the efficiency of economy sectors.

Afterwards, Dr. Ahmad Tahlak, entrepreneur and Chairman, LEVENBERT Consulting, presented a working paper on developing economic knowledge, and its relationship with enhancing the competitiveness within organizations, and economic competitiveness in general, the paper also discusses how to invest based on analyzing the givens of knowledge economy foundations, and developing the future of national economy, and to support the organizations in an integrated manner and in more alignment with the global developments and updates.

Also, the forum included the speech of Mr. Jorge Sebastiao, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Expert, CTO Eco-System, Huawei Technologies. In his speech, he spoke about the current global best practices in organizational leadership development, the foundations of innovation, and how to leverage the integration of organizations under the development of 5G.

Also, the attendees held numerous discussions through many open panel discussions, those discussions were about enablement strategies for the region countries and their organizations, through adding value of quality at all levels, especially with the rising rates of technological and managerial advances that confronted the organizations with many challenges. Challenges that requires finding new mechanisms that would enable those organizations to make a paradigm shift in the futuristic system for organizational work, and to join the race of global economy competitiveness, and to face the basic challenges to build world class organizations that lead the future.

The working papers submitted to the forum sought researching the most important practices that could have achieved 2020 vision, to join the race of global competitiveness, and to face the basic challenges to build world class organizations that lead the future after 2020, as per the international best practices.

Notably, the forum comes as a pioneering platform that hosts major Arab government agencies and business organizations, to present the latest practices and innovation services, and to review the achievements of pioneering agencies, and to enhance multi-way communication channels to exchange the latest expertise and to develop interactive partnerships.