The Council of Arab Economic Unity publishes a book entitled «Economic war between China and America. Where to? »

Date: 10 - 11 - 2019

Dr. Eng. Ali Al-Khouri: The book observes the timeline of «Customs» war between the two countries…and where the commercial fights between them are heading to

The Arab Economic Unity Council League of Arab States published a book this November entitled «Economic war between China and America. Where to? ». The book is written by Dr. Eng. Ali Al-Khouri, Advisor, Arab Economic Unity Council League of Arab States Chairman of Arab Federation for Digital Economy.

From his side, Dr. Eng. Ali Al-Khouri stated that the world observes with concern and anticipation what occurs between China and United States of America, a multifaceted and multidirectional economic war, which reflects a picture of conflict between peoples or societies.

He also explained that economic wars aim at retaining the advantages a party has, those who would give that party economic power advantage, and domination that would prevent other competitors from reaching their position. And such wars can be summarized in three main stages, if the other (party) country goes away past the first stage, the first party escalates to the second stage. And if again, the other country goes away, then there is no other way than direct military war.

He pointed that the book observes number of main axes in the process of a war fight between China and USA, which are: timeline of «Customs» war between the two countries, how did the economy of China grow throughout the past thirty years in comparison with the American economy, how the American eagle plans to confront the Chinese dragon, what are the trade and political weapons that china owns to persevere and carry on with its journey to leading the global economy, a critique of China’s economic policies, the warnings stated by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) about economic conflicts between the two countries, and where the commercial fights between China and USA are heading to.

It should be noted that the trade war between China and USA broke out after an announcement by the American president Donald Trump on 22 March 2018 about an intention to impose trade sanctions on Chinese imports, summing up to around 50 Billion US Dollars, those sanctions are as per section 301 of Trade Act of 1974, with reference to the listed history of «unfair trade practices» and stealing intellectual properties. The response of the Chinese government was by also imposing sanctions on more than 128 American products, the most famous of them were soy beans.