Visiting the cybersecurity command center and Watson lab in the USA

Date: 02 - 04 - 2019

A high-level delegation from Arab Economic Unity Council League of Arab States, headed by H.E. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, Council Advisor, visited the headquarters of IBM, the American company. This was within the efforts to review the latest technologies that can be utilized to implement the programs of the strategic Arab Common Vision for Digital Economy, and to improve the political and societal stability in the Arab world.

The visit also included cybersecurity command center, which monitors all the activities of cyber attacks and frauds, and also collects and analyzes data about them. Team X-Force of the company activates a lot of cyber traps, and analyzes billions of internet pages, to reveal activities of data breaching across the world, as well as malware and abuse activities.

The delegation also was shown Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab, and the big leap it caused, in operation efficiency, lifestyle, business environment and how to adapt it to raise the GDPs of countries, which will improve the elements of economic growth.

The Arab cybersecurity development program, stemming form the strategic Arab common vision for digital growth, which the council and the league of Arab states, launched its first draft in collaboration with number of international organizations and experts, the program is considered one of priority, among those programs that are concerned with building a strategy of cybersecurity to guarantee information security, and to protect the critical information infrastructure of the Arab world from cyber-attacks.