UAE Minister of Economy Sultan Al Mansoori to “Masdar Diplomacy”: Beirut summit is successful and we look forward to acknowledging the article of digital economy

Date: 18 - 01 - 2019

Quoted from the website “Masdar Diplomacy” H.E Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy, who represents UAE in the Fourth Arab Economic and Social Development Summit in Beirut, he emphasized the success of this summit, he pointed to that Lebanon organized it successfully. Wishing acknowledging all the articles agreed as per the agenda by senior officials and delegates, and ministers, especially the article of digital economy that was proposed by UAE in collaboration with Lebanon.

And in a chat with the website “Masdar Diplomacy” before going to the Arab ministerial meeting, Al Mansoori, speaking very politely and friendly about Lebanon, and the special relations between Lebanon and UAE, he said  that UAE proposed the topic of digital economy in the resolution of the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, and asked for the support of Lebanon, which thankfully provided the required support. :link