The Joint Arab Vision Initiative for the Digital Economy before the OECD Working Group in South Korea

Date: 31 - 10 - 2018

The Joint Economic Unity Council presented the joint Arab vision for the digital economy initiative in the capital, Seoul, South Korea, before the OECD working group, which included 32 members from around the world.

Dr. Al-Khouri, Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, reviewed the initiative, its stages and objectives in investigating the digital reality in the Arab world with detailed comparisons of the capabilities of the advanced economies and identifying the main obstacles and economic opportunities for the member states of the League of Arab States.

And Dr. Al-Khouri was the focus of supporting the digital transformation plans of Arab governments, enhancing financial inclusion plans and supporting the development of knowledge, legislative and technological infrastructures in Arab countries, explaining to the participants that legislation and the considered investment climate would attract capital in ways that meet the positive goals desired to be achieved for Arab peoples.

As expressed by Dr. Al-Khouri expressed his gratitude to the UAE for its unlimited support in harnessing the capabilities of the Arab world and the keenness of its leaders to develop and activate joint Arab action. And he valued the support of the wise leadership of the UAE to revive and revitalize the economic unity among Arab countries through the digital economy portal.

In turn, the participants praised the strategy, goals and objectives of the Arab digital economy, stressing the importance of activating the common Arab vision to improve the economies of Arab countries, as well as the importance of directing international investment funds to build capabilities and technology infrastructure in the Arab world.