Entitled: “The Summit in Institutional Work”: The Arab Federation for Digital Economy highlights the most important institutional concepts through an executive booklet for young leaders

Date: 14 - 03 - 2021

The Arab Center for Learning and Future Studies of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy has released an executive booklet for young leaders entitled: “The Summit in Institutional Work”, written by Prof. Highlighting the most important new institutional concepts in our contemporary world.

The Arab Center noted that the new global reality is prompting major transformations supported by the techno-information revolution, which in turn has become confusing traditional rules and concepts and requires institutions to have unprecedented flexibility to adapt to the variables of market structures and competitive culture. This confirms that intellectual development in building institutions represents one of the most pivotal dimensions towards sustainable societies and economies.

The brochure shows that for organizations to reach the summit and excellence, they need to have an accurate understanding of the added value that the organization creates before examining the how and the means, and that the ability to innovate, change and update are the features through which it can contribute to providing a driving force for the organization for excellence and sustainability.

The booklet dealt with several necessary axes that would enhance the contributions of young leaders in their institutions, foremost of which came: the concept of the summit in institutional work, the areas of institutions’ access to the summit, and tools for reaching and maintaining the summit; He explained the concepts of distinguished management, the basics of human resource management, the extent to which technology can be utilized, the future developments in new areas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the way to reach the top, as well as the continuity of staying at the top that calls for continuous learning, and how to sustain excellence based on an integrated approach that is capable of to define himself permanently.

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