Enabling e-commerce and enhancing digital logistics services in the Arab and African continent

Date: 25 - 02 - 2021

The Arab Union for the Digital Economy discussed ways to enable electronic commerce in Arab and African countries, how to enhance its inter-trade with Arab countries, and the extent to which digital logistics services can be provided on the continent, during a meeting held yesterday.

The meeting also discussed a number of axes that are in the interest of the economies of the Arab and African region, which included the opportunities available in the field of shipping and logistics services, and the openness that this field offers for Arab and African countries to the world while reducing costs and achieving positive returns on the movement of trade and investment, and ways of wholesale shipping to offices Local mail at a low cost, in addition to creating international business opportunities for African markets, and facilitating internal shopping in African countries by launching large shopping centers to reach shoppers.

The Arab vision for the digital economy, which was announced in December 2018, aims to rebuild and develop the economic systems in the Arab region, and to support joint work efforts to promote and develop the digital economy, through a set of goals emanating from it, which amounted to 20 goals, and a set of programs and projects translated into these. The goals, which amount to 52 strategic programs, focused on 6 main areas, following a sectoral analysis of best practices in the business sectors: (health care, manufacturing, financial services, education, agriculture, and e-commerce).

It is worth noting that the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy has ambitious visions to support and develop the economies of the cooperating countries, as well as infrastructure, regulatory, knowledge, legislative and technical frameworks and international specifications in the fields and uses of the digital economy, to improve the levels of quality of life for citizens by taking advantage of digital transformation.