The Council of Arab Economic Unity publishes the English version of the “Arab Digital Economy Index 2020” with the aim of informing the international community about the report

Date: 31 - 12 - 2020

The Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States has issued a new book entitled “The Arab Indicator for the Digital Economy”, with the aim of introducing the international community to the characteristics and advantages of the new indicator issued by the Council in cooperation with the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, during the current year 2020, to support and enhance opportunities for growth of the digital economy in Arab region.

The Arab Index of the Digital Economy – which was prepared by international and international institutions – is considered one of the most important initiatives of the “Arab Vision for the Digital Economy”. The index provides an opportunity for researchers to benefit from it, by monitoring the current digital and economic situation of each Arab country, as well as highlighting the strengths, opportunities and areas of development. at the state and regional level.

The Arab Digital Economy Index includes nine main axes of measurement related to infrastructure, innovation, institutional and governmental structures, the attractiveness of labor markets, education, skills and capacity building, all of which address the goals and priorities of sustainable development.

The index also placed three groups of Arab countries based on their classification in terms of their availability or feasibility of digital services; It came as follows: the first group (the leading countries), which are countries that have made strategic investments in the field of digital transformation and the employment of advanced technologies and systems to support social and economic development plans, and the second group (the digitally promising countries), which are countries characterized by having a good infrastructure and knowledge, but they still need to Adopting more comprehensive plans for digital transformation and inclusion, and the third group, which are countries that still lack the basic technological infrastructure in terms of digital network readiness and Internet access rates at the level of individuals and institutions.

It is worth noting that the “Arab Vision for the Digital Economy” – which was launched at the end of 2018 in Abu Dhabi – is of great importance as it consolidates the building of the ambitious Arab project, as it aims to support social and economic growth in the Arab region.

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