The Council of Arab Economic Unity aims to enhance cooperation in the field of e-commerce with the Lebanese government

Date: 12 - 12 - 2020

Beirut – Abu Dhabi.. Each of His Excellency Dr. Ali Muhammad Al-Khoury, Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity and President of the Arab Union for the Digital Economy, and a number of officials from the Union, with His Excellency Raoul Nehme, Minister of Economy and Trade of the Lebanese Republic, and a number of senior officials in the Ministry, to discuss the initiatives emanating from the “Arab vision for the digital economy.” Reviewing a number of projects in the vital sectors related to the digital economy and ways of cooperating in them.

It is worth noting that the “Arab Vision for the Digital Economy”, which was launched at the end of 2018, under the generous sponsorship of the United Arab Emirates, is considered one of the strategic enablers to support economic and social growth in the Arab region, as Harvard University and Cairo University participated in its preparation. , international organizations, and experts from the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Economic Cooperation Organization, and the European Union, with the aim of developing infrastructure in the countries of the region, supporting innovation and digital government transformation, empowering the private sector, and deepening and strengthening services directed to the Arab citizen.