The League of Arab States discusses the latest developments in the Arab strategy for communications and information

Date: 28 - 07 - 2020

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the Arab Republic of Egypt in Cairo hosted the meeting No. (30) of the team to formulate the Arab ICT strategy, which was held via the Internet “remotely”, to discuss the latest developments related to the Arab ICT strategy.

The meeting was attended by delegations from 11 Arab countries: (Jordan, Bahrain, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania), as observers, 4 delegations representing the Arab Organization for Communication and Information Technologies, and the United Nations Committee The Economic and Social Council for Western Asia (ESCWA), the Arab Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union, the Arab Union for the Digital Economy, in addition to the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Arab Ministers for Communications and Information.

The meeting’s agenda discussed a number of important topics, foremost of which is the perception presented by ESCWA regarding the methodology for formulating the Arab Communication and Information Strategy.

The participating delegations welcomed the presentation on the “Proposal for a Methodology for Developing, Developing and Activating the Unified Arab Strategy for Information and Communication Technology and the Arab Digital Agenda 2030” by ESCWA, and their willingness to provide direct and indirect experiences and contributions if formally requested, with thanks The Arab Organization for Communication Technology, the Arab Union for the Digital Economy, and the Arab Republic of Egypt, for your kindly pledged contributions to the planned project.