The Council of Arab Economic Unity issues a new book entitled “The Digital Economy and Its Role in Enhancing National Security”: It is expected that the digital economy will contribute to 70% of the global GDP within 10 years.

Date: 14 - 07 - 2020

Cairo.. The Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States has issued a new book in which it discusses the role of the digital economy in enhancing national security, indicating that the economy based on digital technology has become a part without which national security policies and strategies cannot be complete.

The book, entitled “The Digital Economy and Its Role in Enhancing National Security”, deals with the opportunities that the digital economy possesses in supporting economies, referring to global estimates that during the next ten years, 70% of the global gross product will result from the activities of the digital economy, which highlights its role. As a complementary partner for the achievement of daily activities and an essential and pivotal element in the overall economy, the book calls for focusing on the digital economy as a strategic developmental element to develop the elements of economic security.

The book also discusses a number of topics related to the use of digital economy mechanisms, foremost of which is the possibility of using the growing speeds and supercomputer capabilities to maintain security at its various levels, and the ability of using this technology to facilitate the detection of exciting facts and complex crimes, while addressing the problems of identity theft crimes and providing suggestions for some solutions that Through which it can address security risks related to personal privacy. The book also shows the relationship of artificial intelligence technologies with job opportunities available in the market, and the extent to which emerging technology contributes to the digital economy in raising the degree of complexity to reach sustainable solutions and achieve national goals as it was previously, in addition to addressing the mechanisms of regulating the electronic market and its capabilities in the face of misinformation. Intellectual and commercial fraud.

The book stressed that there is a real need during the current period to activate an integrated strategy in order to maximize the return from the digital economy and reduce its potential risks, with the importance of the decision-maker taking into account three main elements: (1) awareness and social knowledge, and (2) the expansion of security uses. for emerging technology, and (3) stabilizing jobs, elements that the book refers to as important inputs to ensuring “inclusive digital technology governance.”

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