The Arab Federation for Digital Economy launches the updated version of its website

Date: 12 - 07 - 2021

The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy has launched an updated version of its website, in both Arabic and English, following developments and updates to the website that included form and content.

This came in the belief of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy that the website is the first interface of the union and a statement of its role in the rapid digital developments taking place in our contemporary world, and the presentation of all the ideas it adopts, as well as the initiatives it launches to achieve its strategy towards digital transformation in the region in a modern technological way.

The federation pointed out that the site, with its new design, is characterized by smooth presentation and easy access to information, as it provides many information about the federation and its prominent role in the digital transformation process in the Arab world. The site also reviews a variety of studies and working papers, as well as conferences and knowledge symposia organized by the Federation or in which it participates, to maximize the benefit from the scientific aspect related to digital transformation.

The Union’s website includes documents and introductory videos about its activities and initiatives, such as the Arab vision for the digital economy, the Arab index for the digital economy, the 50 initiatives of the Arab vision for the digital economy, the Arab Digital University, as well as some of the projects it is working to launch, such as the Arab African Digital Platform and the Arab Prize for Digital Economy.

The new website also provides data on all partnerships signed by the federation with the concerned authorities, memoranda of understanding, international projects, and advisory services provided by the federation in the field of digital transformation and artificial intelligence applications.

It is worth noting that the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy was established by the Council of Arab Economic Unity in April 2018, adopting ambitious visions to support and develop infrastructure, regulatory, knowledge, legislative and technical frameworks, and international specifications in the fields and uses of the digital economy throughout the Arab world, as well as supporting digital inclusion plans, and mobilizing Arab and international capabilities and unification of efforts to positively influence the Arab person, improve the levels of quality of life in the Arab region and support sustainable Arab development.

Link to the website of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy: