Al-Khouri: Global transformations require an understanding of their effects on social and economic systems

Date: 13 - 02 - 2022

In his keynote speech at the Arab Digital Economy Forum held at Expo Dubai, His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity and President of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, pointed to the importance of understanding the effects of global transformations driven by innovations in the fields of digital technologies on social and economic systems.

Al-Khouri explained that the world is living in a historical stage amid the regional and global economic decline, in light of the epidemiological crisis, pointing out that the average Arab economic indicators are still below the required level, and that there are prospects and opportunities with which it can double the current Arab gross product, estimated at 2.5 trillion dollars, By reconsidering the current work systems on the basis of “knowledge production”.

He pointed to the importance of benefiting from the “Arab Vision for the Digital Economy” initiative announced in Abu Dhabi 2018, which includes practical programs that address digital infrastructure and the development of government services, education, health care, trade and industry, and others.

Al-Khouri stressed that doubling Arab production requires the adoption of well-studied economic plans that depend on liberalizing and supporting the private sector and small, medium and emerging companies, and working to enable them to reach local and global markets.

He called for the adoption of systematic models to develop a knowledge-based economic power in the Arab region, and plans that necessarily target the establishment and support of technology companies and platforms, as something that has become a strategic necessity in light of Western domination of local and global markets and as part of Arab national security.