The Arab Federation for Digital Economy participates in the activities of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Conference 2022 to discuss global opportunities and challenges

Date: 22 - 09 - 2022



The activities of the “Digital Leaders Conference 2022” – in person and remotely – were held on 22-23 September 2022 at the organization’s conference center and the headquarters of the French government’s digital economy and transformation authority, DINUM.

His Excellency the Minister of Digital Transformation and Public Services in the French government opened the opening session of the conference, in the presence of the OECD working group of senior digital government officials from OECD member states, the Arab Union for the Digital Economy and representatives of the World Bank, and this is the first meeting after the pandemic.


The Arab Union for Digital Economy participated in the activities of the first day through the Assistant Secretary-General of the Union, Mr. Patrick Al-Osta, as a member of the OECD working group. The meeting dealt with reshaping government services in the digital age to improve response, and public trust, in addition to being the ideal platform for dialogue and exchanging views on practices, policies, tools and approaches.


It is worth noting that the “Digital Leaders 2022” conference focused in its current session on four work areas: digital identity, data management and data collection ethics, requirements of citizens and companies, and planning efforts for digital governments.