British Institute of Technology in London grants a full professorship to the Chairman of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy

Date: 28 - 09 - 2022

London, UK

His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity in the Arab League and Chairman of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, received a Full Professorship in Digital Economy from the British Institute of Technology in London, according to a press release published by the federation Yesterday.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in London, the Institute is the fifth largest private educational institution in the United Kingdom by number of students, and intensively involved in providing consultancy and research. The Institute relies heavily on government and private consultation and funding to develop educational programs and projects to address the gap between Industry and higher education.

Merlin Hay, Earl of Erroll, Chair of the Council and Chancellor of the Institute, stated that Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri is one of the global figures who have been able to link science and practice and work towards building local, regional and global capacities, and that the quality and collection of his research and publications reflect and document the extent of his sobriety and leadership in the fields of sustainable development, and more specifically in the areas of digital transformation.

On a separate note, Professor Dr. Muhammad Farmer, the Chief Executive and Founder of Institute, said that Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri was deservedly awarded the professorship, and that his publications and achievements reflect the progress of his scientific and practical approaches, and that his work has become international references in academia and for practitioners worldwide.

His Excellency Dr. Ali M. Al-Khouri expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude for the British Institute of Technology, and stated that this represents a great honour and incentive, and that he will continue to work with his fellow researchers at the Institute and the global community of practitioners and researchers to develop practices that contribute towards positive and sustainable development of human societies.

Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manchester, a Master of Science in Information Management from Lancaster University, and an Engineering Doctorate in Strategic Programs Management from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

He appeared in 2018, among the 100 most important international personalities list who contributed to the development of digital government applications worldwide. He has published more than 140 books that include methodologies and frameworks concerned with the development of digital ecosystems, and sustainable knowledge economies.

His Excellency Ali M. Al Khouri has worked and successfully implemented over the past three decades a wide range of strategic national and international programs in the UAE and in the Arab and African regions. He also worked with multiple international organizations, such as the World Economic Forum, the European Union and the United Nations, and participated in preparing several global reports, in addition to serving as a strategic advisor to a number of African governments and global financial institutions.