The Arab League Council adopts the “Arab vision for the digital economy”

Date: 10 - 11 - 2022


Within the decisions issued by the Arab Summit held in Algeria, the Arab League Council adopts the “Arab vision for the digital economy” and decides to generalize the “Arab vision” to become a guiding reference for Arab countries and organizations to develop their national and regional strategic plans, as well as to launch a wide range of projects that may attract investors. governments and the private sector.

The decisions of the final statement of the summit “Algeria Declaration” also included praising this vision and thanking the United Arab Emirates for embracing, supporting and sponsoring the initiative, and for hosting the Arab consultative meetings to come up with this pioneering initiative that promotes sustainable development efforts for the Arab peoples.

The League Council took its decision after reviewing the memorandum of the General Secretariat in this regard, the report of the Secretary-General on joint economic and social development work, and the paper prepared by the UAE on the Arab vision of the digital economy, in addition to the paper prepared by the General Secretariat on digital economy taxes between reality and expectations, which came in accordance with A proposal from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also review of the reports of the Economic and Social Council and the results of the preparatory meetings for this summit.

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