The Arab Federation for Digital Economy launches the updated version of the Arab Vision for the Digital Economy 2023

Date: 23 - 05 - 2023


The Arab Federation for Digital Economy launched the “Vision for Digital Economy 2023” during the “Seamless 2023” conference and exhibition for digital economy technologies, which will be held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Dubai and will continue on May 23-24, 2023 under the auspices of the League of Arab States.

The updated version reflects the significant changes that have taken place over the past three years, accelerating digital transformation, and forcing societies to adapt to patterns of remote work, online learning, and e-commerce. The multiple economic crises that affected stability and growth opportunities were also taken into account, especially the strategic challenges and international conflicts that led to the creation of a complex geopolitical scene that directly affects the digital economy and efforts to create a coherent and unified Arab digital vision.

The updated vision also included strategies to enhance online learning, develop digital infrastructure, enhance remote work capabilities, and enhance digital governance. It also focused on investing in high-tech areas, including artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

The Arab vision for the digital economy, which was endorsed at the Leaders Summit in Algeria in November 2022, aspires to shape a stronger and more stable economic future for the region, benefiting from modern science and technology, and providing support to achieve the well-being of Arab citizens and develop their capabilities and skills in dealing with future challenges.

The Arab vision for the digital economy aims mainly at activating and strengthening joint Arab cooperation based on digital knowledge, developing technological and legislative infrastructure, and supporting plans for digital transformation and technological development in the Arab countries, as it includes about 50 pilot projects in favor of digital transformation in all Arab countries, in The framework of the efforts of the League of Arab States to keep pace with the major global transformations in the areas of the digital economy by mobilizing Arab capabilities and international expertise and activating joint Arab cooperation to achieve a set of positive goals that would advance Arab societies.