The Board of Directors of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy reviews its future plans

Date: 23 - 05 - 2023


The Arab Federation for Digital Economics held its board meeting for the first half of 2023 on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at the Dubai Exhibition and Convention Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under the chairmanship of H.E. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Chairman of the Board of Directors in the presence of the Board members.

The meeting was also attended by His Excellency Engineer Atef Halmi, President of the General Assembly of the Arab Union for Digital Economy, and some members of the General Assembly of the Union.

The Secretariat-General, represented by the Assistant Secretary-General for Executive Affairs, Mr. Ayman Ghneim, reviewed the Union’s most important achievements over the past period, including the adoption of the Arab Summit on the Arab Vision for the Digital Economy in Algeria 2022 and the resolution of the Arab Summit in Jeddah 2023 in Saudi Arabia on the adoption of the Arab digital agenda.

The General Secretariat reviewed the current projects of the Federation specialized in the “Arab Food Market”, the “Arab Digital League” and the “One Million Arab Entrepreneurs” initiative.

The work of the regular session of the Governing Council discussed the budget items, the Federation’s action plan for 2023-2024, the organizational structure, the headquarters convention and the promotion of the Federation’s sources of income.


The main discussions focused on the Union’s future vision, including the importance of the Union’s focus on achieving tangible progress in the outcomes of the digital economy in the Arab world and promoting digital technology and innovation in the region.

The President of the General Assembly stressed the importance of the Union’s presence in Arab and international forums and enhanced its regional role in supporting the Arab digital economy as an influential Arab organization within the joint Arab action system.

It was also agreed on the dates of the next meeting of the Council, the determination of the topics and agenda of the Regular General Assembly of the Federation to be during the month of December this year, and the mandate of the General Secretariat to prepare for the meeting and coordinate with the Governing Council in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the Board of Directors thanked His Excellency the President of the General Assembly, members of the Assembly and members of the Board for their participation, views and proposals for the development of the Federation’s action plans.