The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy discusses cooperation with Easy Generator

Date: 04 - 10 - 2023

Abu Dhabi


The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy held a meeting with officials from the Easy Generator platform to discuss the possibility of cooperation within the Arab Digital University project. During the meeting, the Arab Digital University initiative was introduced as one of the initiatives emanating from the Arab vision for the digital economy, and its importance in the field of education in the Arab region was explained, as the platform will provide… Distinctive international training content in the Arabic language tailored to meet the needs of the learner and the needs of the labor market.

Those involved in the Easy Generator Company expressed interest in participating in the project, as the possibility of providing (Authoring tool) tools was offered to the participating parties on the platform, to enable them to prepare training courses and educational programs that suit their needs in smart and advanced ways.

It is worth noting that Easy Generator has won the Gold Excellence in E-Learning Award, one of the highest awards in the field of corporate learning, for outstanding achievements in the corporate learning industry.

It is also worth noting that the size of the global digital education market reached 166.6 billion US dollars in 2023 and is expected to grow over the next four years by 9.48%, reaching 239.3 billion US dollars in 2027, according to global statistics.


It is noteworthy that the education and training platform in the Arab Digital University Initiative aims to provide digital educational content to more than 12 million university students distributed among more than 470 universities in the Arab world. The platform will also contribute to qualifying the workforce in the Arab world, which numbered about 143 million in 2022, by honing them with the skills required to keep pace with the rapid development in the business world.