A coordination meeting with Al Dahra Holding Group to discuss ways of cooperation in the Arab food market

Date: 26 - 10 - 2023

Abu Dhabi

The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, a member of the Forum of Specific and Specialized Arab Federations of the League of Arab States, held a coordination meeting with those concerned with Al Dahra Company, the leading global company in the agricultural sector, one of the companies of Al Dahra Holding Group, based in Abu Dhabi.

The meeting included discussion of a number of important topics, including: Strengthening cooperation in implementing the e-commerce project and the Arab digital food market platform for the benefit of the Arab region.

The Al Dahra delegation expressed the importance of the initiative because of the solutions it provides to enhance food security and link exporters, importers, and all suppliers of supporting services within the Arab Food Market Initiative.

Al Dahra is considered one of the most prominent multinational companies operating in the agricultural business sector, specializing in the cultivation, production and trade of animal feed and basic food commodities and supply chain management. The company manages and operates more than 160 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Egypt, Romania, Serbia, the United States of America and others. In addition to producing and supplying approximately 3 million tons of basic food commodities and animal feed.

Al Dahra serves a wide global base of clients in the government and private sectors, operating in more than 20 countries, meeting the needs of more than 40 markets, and enjoying a leading position in the Asian and Middle East markets.