The integration of human thought with artificial intelligence has become inevitable

Date: 07 - 11 - 2023


Source: Al-Watan newspaper

Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri

Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, President of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy and Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity, affiliated with the League of Arab States, said that the integration of human thought with artificial intelligence has become inevitable in light of the terrible development witnessed by the latter’s tools, explaining that human thought is the process of thinking, reasoning, and decision-making. In addition to being a complex process that involves various cognitive functions such as perception, attention, memory, and language.

Creating intelligent machines that can think and learn

He added that  artificial intelligence  simulates human intelligence in operating and managing machines by combining these two concepts, and we can create intelligent machines that can think, learn, and make decisions, with the world changing with artificial intelligence, which is affecting everything around us and affecting all sectors and changing them permanently, as well as Its clear role in improving every product, service or infrastructure that exists in every country, as if used correctly, it can change the future of humanity for the better.

Interaction between human and artificial intelligence

Al-Khoury added that one of the things that has occupied the world recently is the increasing interest in studying the interaction between human and artificial intelligence, especially in tasks that require decision-making. Studies have confirmed that there are cases in which humans outperform artificial intelligence, and it is also expected that Artificial intelligence has a greater impact on humanity than other inventions such as fire, electricity, or the Internet, as it is one of the deepest technologies that humanity will develop. It can simulate the mental capabilities of humans, as it enables machines to perform many tasks that previously required human power and time, but the difference is The difference between human and artificial intelligence is that they can learn from each other by studying the logical analysis capabilities of both of them.

A skilled processor of information

The President of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy continued that the advantage of artificial intelligence is that it processes more information than humans, but this intelligence does not rise to the ability of human thinking, and such logical thinking based on cause and effect is considered the greatest strength of human intelligence because it allows humans to think about solving new problems that may arise. They encounter in life compared to previous similar situations that occurred in the past. Artificial intelligence also has a much larger storage capacity than human memory. It can obtain and process information at lightning speed, which is something that humans cannot do. Artificial intelligence, after extensive training, can produce Solutions through abstract thinking, only in training areas However, artificial intelligence will still be driven and controlled by humans.

Artificial intelligence cannot be the opposite of human intelligence

Al-Khoury pointed out that previous international experiences show that artificial intelligence cannot be the opposite of human intelligence, but rather an auxiliary factor to it. Machines made by humans have artificial intelligence. So instead of machines being thinkers, they are actually influenced by software that humans control and control.

He revealed that there is a fear of the so-called artificial intelligence controlling the human mind, and this is unjustified because what is behind the movement of these applications are the humans themselves, who are responsible for any errors or violations of the powers granted, which always lie in the defects of the developed algorithms and the supernatural or unusual capabilities that they possess. Artificial intelligence will enjoy it in future achievements, and we find that there is a division of opinions about whether this technological intervention contributes to the movement and pace of human progress, and how artificial intelligence controls human awareness and understanding and threatens to overtake it.

Early competition between major technology companies

He continued: “However, we all agree on the enormous opportunities available for these applications to solve problems and make optimal use of capabilities and resources. They also have an unprecedented role in creating wealth, power and influence, as this led to early competition between major technology companies and major powers, and people became  increasingly  aware “The increasing role that artificial intelligence applications play in reshaping the future of the technological world.”