The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy participates in the Digital Economy Forum in the Republic of Iraq

Date: 04 - 03 - 2024


The Arab Federation for the Digital Economy participated in the activities of the Digital Economy Forum during the period from 4-5 March 2024 in the capital, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq, under the auspices of the Iraqi Council of Ministers and the Iraqi Development Fund, in the presence of a large number of Arab ministers, ambassadors, and the Central Bank, and with the participation of international organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations Programme. Development Development Corporation, Huawei, other regional companies and representatives of the private sector.

Ambassador Mohamed Khair Abdel Qader, Secretary-General of the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy, gave a speech at the opening session of the forum, explaining that digital transformation helps the growth of the economy in countries, improves the quality of life, supports citizens’ access to services easily, and allows governments to work with greater transparency and efficiency.

Ambassador Muhammad Khair also stressed that the economic sector in the Arab countries is increasing thanks to the investments made by the Arab countries to enhance electronic digital services by transforming government systems into interconnected digital systems to improve work within the state’s administrative apparatus so that it works efficiently and effectively.

The forum’s activities on the first day included three sessions, the first session entitled the current digital landscape in Iraq with the participation of relevant government agencies in the Republic of Iraq, the second session entitled digital transformation solutions and challenges with the participation of groups concerned with international smart card companies, and the third session was a dialogue session entitled “Towards a Future for the Economy.” Arab”.

At the end of the sessions, the Arab Federation for the Digital Economy was honored for its efforts in implementing many activities, programs, projects and initiatives aimed at activating the role of modern technology in the digital economy in order to achieve the interests and ambitions of Arab countries and support the priorities of the digital economy in the Arab region.