ITU: The Arab Digital Economy Index will play an important role in supporting transformation efforts in the Arab region

Date: 31 - 05 - 2022

Dubai United Arab Emirates

 Dr. indicated. Atsuko Okuda – Regional Director of the ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific In her keynote speech during the “Seamless 2022” Conference and Exhibition on Digital Economy Technologies, that there are various major external factors that are affecting digital transformation efforts and the digital economy worldwide, such as the economic repercussions of the Ukrainian war and disruptions and disruptions to global supply chains.

As Dr. said. Okuda noted that under the restrictions of Covid 19 the past two years, the financial services industry “FinTech” witnessed significant growth in terms of growth of transaction volume and customer base in 2020, according to the World Bank report, with a discrepancy between countries in terms of levels of sectoral growth in services and coverage in regions.

It also highlighted the opportunities available to deepen and support the integration of financial technology services into digital government systems, and the role of relief packages in recovering from the consequences of the Covid virus, in addition to expanding the base of dealers in developing countries.

She also added that the International Telecommunication Union has presented important initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region to address the challenges of connecting the disconnected and promoting an integrated government approach through the “GovStack” initiative and initiatives arranged in smart villages and islands… and that these initiatives were supported by cybersecurity measures, including the “DFS Lab” of the International Telecommunication Union, which supports increasing levels of security in digital financial services.

In the conclusion of her speech, the representative of the International Telecommunication Union presented a summary on the mechanisms by which the Asia-Pacific region and the Arab region can enhance cooperation and synergies within the framework of the Arab Digital Economy Index. Specific areas include investment in digital communication, digital government, and cooperation for digital innovation, among others. Other things, and to benefit from the strengths and experiences in each region… and that the Arab Digital Economy Index can be an important driving force to support Arab efforts towards digital transformation.

Watch: Video of the International Telecommunication Union’s speech at Seamless 2022