Dr.. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri: With global concepts changing, everyone and in all sectors are facing direct and inevitable challenges and unprecedented crises.

Date: 30 - 09 - 2021

His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, member of the Executive Office of Quality Unions at the Arab League, participated in a keynote speech delivered on the second day of the Digital Economy Technologies Conference (Seamless Middle East 2021), which was held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center and conferences September 29-30, 2021.

His Excellency pointed out that the pandemic, like other crises, is a moment of choice and testing of the extent of the capabilities of governments, institutions and individuals, both to challenge the current crisis, especially with the approach of global debt to a new global level of about $ 300 trillion, and to take advantage of emerging opportunities, as it became clear the positive impact of digitization processes On digitally qualified products in all vital and supportive sectors, with the acceleration of pace towards adopting technologies in work systems and lifestyles in societies.




His Excellency Dr. Al-Khouri spoke that what has become confirmed today is that institutions in the coming years will scramble and compete in the arenas of adopting advanced technologies, specifically in the fields of artificial intelligence and remote access to services, and that those who will be ahead in the global competition arenas will inevitably gain the advantage of access first and benefit from their position.

His Excellency the Advisor to the Council of Arab Economic Unity explained that there is a real opportunity for Arab and developing countries to create a new economic value of up to 13% of GDP by 2030 if plans are developed and digital transformation programs are implemented, noting that the global digital economy is rising at a rate two and a half times faster. of global GDP over the past fifteen years under accelerated digitization scenarios, and it is expected to exceed a quarter of global output by 2025, equivalent to more than $23 trillion.

He pointed out that countries in the Arab region, even if they act as individuals, can create new economic value that will be added to their GDP by about 3 to 13 percent by 2030 by adopting digital transformation programs.

Dr. confirmed. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri said that these expectations require a focus on results and concerted national efforts to improve digital infrastructure and facilitate access to digital platforms for all.

And that it is necessary to address the digital divides between the Arab countries, by taking advantage of collective intellectual capital and optimizing the use of resources and what has been achieved so far, directing his call to the Arab countries, to take advantage of the comprehensive digital programs and international experiences that were built in the project of the Arab vision for the digital economy, and its framework For the benefit of their national economies, in terms of investing in building effective partnerships and Arab capabilities, and stimulating inter-Arab investments in the Arab region.

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